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Top 10 gardening posts of 2018: Part 2

Sunflower Velvet Queen
Sunflower Velvet Queen

The bits you liked best – from 5 to 1

As the year draws to a close, it seems fitting to share the most popular topics with you this year.

Here are the top 5 posts and pages that you clicked on the most in 2018.

5. Palm import ban: how will it affect gardeners?

Canary Island palm
Canary Island palm

An issue gardeners need to be aware of – Defra brought in the ban in January 2018 to protect the country’s palms from two pests running rampant in Europe.

4. Why Monty Don’s taking a Buddhist approach to gardening

Take a Zen-like approach to gardening this year
Take a Zen-like approach to gardening

This post received the single biggest hits in a day! Monty Don talks about his resolutions for gardening in 2018 and how he aimed to have a more laid-back approach. Well worth a read and good advice for all.

3. New dwarf sunflower Sunbelieveable

Sunflower Sunbelievable. Picture; Thompson & Morgan
Sunflower Sunbelievable. Picture; Thompson & Morgan

Seems everyone fell in love with this cheery little sunflower from Thompson & Morgan – so did the judges, as it came second in the RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year contest.

2. Growing Echiums from seed

Glad to see my love of Echiums is being passed on – they’re really not that hard to grow and add a tropical look to any garden.

1. Best multi-branching sunflowers

The winner by a country mile – it appears everyone is sunflower mad. This comprehensive guide can supply you with a variety for every need, whether it’s a knee-high variety for pots or a giant for competition.

That’s it… thanks once again for your support and look out for lots of new features in 2019!

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