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5 gardening jobs January 5-11

Sole self-seeded viola braves January frosts
Outshining the globe artichoke, August 2018

Check dahlias and cannas

Inspect stored tubers of dahlias and cannas. Too damp and they will rot, too dry and they will die.

Bouquet lily. Picture; Sue Welford

Prepare lilies

Plant lily bulbs in pots and in borders during mild spells.

Divide perennials like this primula

Lift and divide perennials

During dry, mild spells, you can still lift and divide herbaceous perennials.

Helleborus niger (Christmas rose)

Trim old hellebore leaves

Cut off old leaves of hellebores that produce flowers from ground level so you can see them. Watch out for hellebore leaf spot.

Not my most glamorous hour – pruning the old apple tree

Cut back apple and pear trees

Prune apple and pear trees – at least get rid of any branch that’s dead, damaged, diseased or rubbing on another one. Then spray your trees with winter wash or home-made garlic spray, which will kill insect eggs.

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