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Portable greenhouse for small gardens

Premium 12-Shelf Greenhouse. Picture; Waltons
Premium 12-Shelf Greenhouse. Picture; Waltons

Waltons’ 12 shelf design has a year’s guarantee

I’m always on the lookout for products that are suitable for small gardens, are keenly priced and enable people to grow a greater range of crops – and this greenhouse fits the bill.

Now, I’ve had issues with the greenhouse/growhouse concept since one costing more than £100 lasted three days in my windy garden – the structure bent and the cover blew away.

However, this Premium 12-Shelf design available from Waltons comes with a 12-month guarantee, which is 12 months longer than mine did.

Secure greenhouse to the ground

Tough metal pegs secure the frame to the ground – don’t think you can get away with just placing it on decking or concrete – those pegs are integral to success.

All I would say is, if your garden is a wind tunnel like mine or very exposed, this may not be for you. However, it’s perfect for a small, sheltered garden.

The Waltons Portable 12 Shelf Greenhouse is quick and easy to assemble from powder-coated steel interlocking posts. It can be moved and easily packed away at the end of the season.

Waterproof cover

The cover is waterproof Polyethylene (PE) protector, with 12 wire shelves which fit around the walls.

Seams are strengthened and double stitched seams and the double zip door can be rolled up. Netted windows with roll-down PE covers help to control the temperature.

The greenhouse costs £69.99 and measures 143cm x 143cm and is 195cm tall. For more information, visit www.waltons.co.uk.

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