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5 gardening jobs January 19-25

Amaryllis Orange Sovereign
Amaryllis Orange Sovereign
Korean fir weighed down with snow

Protect from frost and snow

If there is heavy snow, brush shrubs and conifers gently with a broom to prevent branches from getting damaged. Packing the branches of borderline hardy deciduous trees and shrubs with straw and securing this with fleece and ties, will protect them from frost.

Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus flower problems

If your Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera truncata and S. x buckleyi) didn’t set flower buds, it may be that the temperature was too high (above 18°C/65°F, or had too much artificial light. Move it into cooler conditions away from night lighting. Encourage bushy growth by twisting off outer segments after flowering. These can be used as cuttings if dried and kept warm for a week before potting up.

Moles are becoming more active

Watch out for moles

Mole activity increases from now until February, due to mating and nest-building. Remove the largest hills from your lawn and firm before seeding it in spring.

Clematis Mme Julia Correvon still blooming at the end of October

Cut back late summer-flowering clematis

Prune late summer-flowering clematis. To keep your clematis small and to rejuvenate old plants, cut back hard to about a foot off the ground. if you want to keep them taller, just prune last year’s flowered shoots.

Freshly-planted Belfast sink with Sempervivum, Delosperma and Saxifraga

Tidy up alpine beds

Clear alpine beds of debris and cover bare patches with gritty compost. Remove weeds before mulching in spring.

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