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5 gardening jobs January 26-February 1

Ilex x altaclerensis Lawsoniana
Ilex x altaclerensis Lawsoniana

Rejuvenate clematis

Unpruned clematis Mme Julia Correvon
Unpruned clematis Mme Julia Correvon with flowers sticking out of the top of the hedge

Prune late summer-flowering clematis. To keep your clematis small and to rejuvenate old plants, cut back hard to about a foot off the ground. if you want to keep them taller, just prune last year’s flowered shoots.

Tidy alpine beds

Harlow Carr
Alpines in boots

Clear alpine beds of debris and cover bare patches with gritty compost. Remove weeds before mulching in spring.

Cut back climbers

Ivy fruit forming
Ivy fruit forming

Ornamental vines, ivy, Virginia creeper and Boston ivy can be cut back now – keep them away from windows, doors, gutters and roof tiles.

Spot fungal disease

Coral spot on a dead branch
Coral spot on a dead branch

Coral spot is often noticed on twigs from deciduous hedges, shrubs, and trees, connected with poor ventilation and congested, twiggy growth inside clipped hedges.

Keep cacti dormant

Cacti need very little water, and no feeding, during winter. Keep them barely moist until spring.

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