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New yellow-leaved raspberry

Raspberry Groovy. Picture; Dobies
Raspberry Groovy. Picture; Dobies

Productive, space-saving and pretty

When you have a tiny garden – or no garden at all – it’s vital you choose plants that tick all the boxes, especially if they’re edible.

You can’t afford to have crops that take up lots of room and look drab if you’re growing ornamentals and edibles together.

Luckily, this new raspberry Groovy from Dobies of Devon is just that. It’s a primocane variety (this just means it produces fruits on the current season’s growth).

It’s ideal for growing in containers and is pretty enough for the patio.

Golden foliage of Raspberry Groovy. Picture; Dobies
Golden foliage of Raspberry Groovy. Picture; Dobies

Feelin’ Groovy

  • Summer cropping
  • Delicious sweet red fruits
  • Fruit borne on new canes
  • Unusual and attractive golden-yellow leaves that don’t burn in the sun.
  • Spineless stalks for pain-free picking.
  • Hardy to -35°C.

One plant in a 12cm pot costs £9.99 or buy three for £20, visit www.dobies.co.uk.

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