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5 gardening jobs February 2-8

Dark-faced viola
Dark-faced viola
A crocus is more valuable to bees than a daffodil

Protect alpine bulbs

Bulbs coming up in the alpine/rock garden or in containers may benefit from overhead protection from the rain and snow. A sheet of glass or Perspex placed on piles of bricks will do the job.

Sowed and labelled…

Sow sweet peas

Sweet peas can be sown under glass, or in a cool room in the house. Any sweet peas that were sown earlier in the autumn can now be potted on.

Not my most glamorous hour – pruning the old apple tree

Prune apples and pears

Winter prune apples and pears, concentrating on removing the overcrowded growth, crossing stems, and dead, damaged, or dying branches. Aim for an open centre, through which air can circulate, as this will cut the risk of pests and diseases.

Heads in the hedge…

Renovate and restore deciduous hedges

Cut deciduous hedges if necessary. They can still be renovated before leaf emergence.

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