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Dalefoot Composts’ Soil Association approval

The Dalefoot Composts team, with centre, Simon Bland and Prof Jane Barker
The Dalefoot Composts team, with centre, Simon Bland and Prof Jane Barker

Full range of composts gets the top organic standard

The Soil Association has officially approved Dalefoot Composts’ entire range – one of the best organic standards in the world.

Dalefoot’s Wool Compost for Potting & Containers, Wool Compost for Vegetables & Salads, Wool Compost Double Strength, Wool Compost Ericaceous (and Double Strength), Wool Compost for Seeds, Lakeland Gold and Bulb Compost all now have the Soil Association Approved certification.

Professor Jane Barker, the founder of Dalefoot Composts, based near Penrith, said: “Our loyal customers already know that our peat-free composts are packed with all-natural ingredients that grow fantastic plants but it’s wonderful that our range has met the Soil Association’s strict production standards too.

“We hope this will mean even more gardeners will turn to using our composts and quickly reap the benefits of using them.”

Soil Association approval for the Dalefoot Composts team
Soil Association approval for the Dalefoot Composts team

Carbon-neutral composts

Dalefoot’s premium, carbon-neutral composts contain all the must-have nutrients and trace elements in which plants can flourish.

Sheep’s wool comes from Dalefoot’s own flock and the Herdwick ‘wool-clip’ of neighbouring hill farmers, whilst bracken is harvested sustainably from the surrounding Lake District fells.

Harvesting bracken on rotation, at exactly the right time of year, improves the habitat for ground-nesting birds and butterflies, in particular, the endangered High Brown Fritillary.

The Dalefoot Composts range
The Dalefoot Composts range

Growing benefits of the compost

  • Natural water retention of wool fibres means up to 50 per cent less watering.
  • Wool provides a steady, slow sustained supply of nitrogen.
  • High levels of natural potash from the bracken promotes flowering and fruiting and healthy growth – NO need for any additional plant food.
  • Made from 100 per cent renewable resources with great environmental benefits.
  • The compost has a similar texture to peat and has a wide range of naturally occurring trace elements.

Dalefoot Composts are available from www.dalefootcomposts.co.uk priced from £10.99 down to £6 per bag depending on compost type and size of the order, plus delivery.

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