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5 gardening jobs February 9-15

Hellebore in the rain
Hellebore in the rain

Plant lilies in pots

Asiatic Bouquet lilies
Asiatic Bouquet lilies – easily grown in a pot

Lily bulbs can be planted in pots, for flowers this summer. After growing on in a cool greenhouse, they can be moved on to the patio when in flower.

Forcing rhubarb

Unfurling rhubarb leaf
Unfurling rhubarb leaf

Rhubarb can be forced for an early crop. Cover a crown or two with buckets or even an upturned large pot and insulate the outside with straw or compost for added heat. The stalks will grow in the dark. This takes a lot out of the crown and it won’t recover for a couple of years.

Make sure tender perennials are OK

Fleeced giant Echium - we've had a couple of nights at -7C
Fleeced giant Echium – we’ve had a couple of nights at -7C

Check on tender plants overwintering outdoors to make sure protective coverings are still in place.

Create a new pond

Me struggling with huge pond liner

You could dig a new pond. Have a minimum depth of 60cm (2ft) at the deepest point, to reduce the risk of the pond freezing totally. Gently sloping contours between the shallow and deep areas, and between the bank and the water, are more wildlife-friendly.

Let there be light!

Easy to raise... cosmos seedlings
Easy to raise… cosmos seedlings

If you do have any seedlings and/or cuttings in the greenhouse, make sure they are getting the maximum light available, or else they will become weak and leggy. If necessary, turn them once a day so that they get light on both sides. This will stop them leaning over towards the light, and keep them upright and compact.

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