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5 gardening jobs February 16-22

First flowers of Chaenomeles japonica, the Japanese quince
First flowers of Chaenomeles japonica, the Japanese quince
Dahlia Arabian Nights

Start dahlias into growth

Dahlia tubers stored over winter (or bought this year) can be started into growth. Place them in a light, warm place to sprout before planting. They will need misting with a spray bottle to stop them from drying out.

Broad bean The Sutton germinates easily

Sow veg in modules

In cold frames, greenhouses or polytunnels, sow beetroot, broad beans, summer and autumn cabbage, carrots, kale, leeks, lettuce and spring onions. These can all be sown in trays or plugs to be planted out towards the end of March.

Cheery early and late season colour from pansies

Sow bedding plants

Start sowing bedding plants such as Impatiens, Viola and pansies in a heated propagator. Transplant when seedlings are forming their third or fourth leaf. This can take anywhere between four and six weeks.

Mahonia Charity brightens up December

Cut back Mahonias

Cut out the top rosette of leaves from the leggy stems of Mahonia x media cultivars to encourage branching.

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