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Beetroot Subeto F1 a winner in trials

Beetroot Subeto F1. Picture; DT Brown
Beetroot Subeto F1. Picture; DT Brown

Loved by home gardeners and exhibitors

It’s the people’s choice – beetroot Subeto F1 is the customer’s trial variety from DT Brown that has everyone talking.

Every year, the company supplies customers with a free trial seed packet allowing them to gain invaluable information on products to add to the range.

Growers across the country with differing soil types and growing conditions test the same variety and give feedback on yield, appearance, overall performance and flavour.

Beetroot Subeto F1 is a high-quality variety producing uniform, spherical roots of intense, deepest crimson.

It has an attractive blemish-free skin and excellent resistance to fungal diseases and scab.

Baby beets or full size

They can be harvested as baby beets when golf ball sized or when fully formed.

DT Brown’s Tim Jeffries said: “We’ve had an overwhelming response from customers who simply can’t get enough of this magnificent beetroot – it simply had to stay!

“Outstanding flavour, disease resistance and attractive enough for the showbench, what more can you ask for?”

National Vegetable Society (NVS) members also trialled Beetroot Subeto F1 and exhibited their results in a special class at the NVS National Championships at Harrogate Autumn Flower Show.

Gareth Cameron of the NVS said: “We’ve had nothing but great feedback about the new up-and-coming Subeto F1.

Exhibition star at Harrogate Show

“Members were surprised just how well this new variety looked and tasted.

“We think Subeto F1 has a really exciting future on the showbench and in the kitchen! Finally, DT Brown has found a variety to challenge Pablo F1!”

Beetroot Subeto F1 is sold in packets containing 200 seeds, costing £2.19, ready to sow from March.

For more information, visit www.dtbrownseeds.co.uk.

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