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5 gardening jobs February 23-March 1

Sorbaria sem shoots
Divide perennials like this primula

Propagate herbaceous perennials

Divide clumps of herbaceous perennials that you want to propagate, those that have become too large or are flowering poorly.

Blast of fragrance from jasmine Clotted Cream

Cut back summer-flowering jasmine

Summer-flowering jasmines may also be pruned (if necessary), providing that they are reasonably hardy where they are. Remove a couple of stems completely to ground level, and avoid cutting back laterals, as this would damage this year’s flowering potential.

Emerging hostas at RHS Harlow Carr

Guard against slug and snail damage

Protect lily, Delphinium and Hosta shoots from slugs and snails before they appear.

Cut back shrubs pruned hard in spring like Buddleja davidii

Prune selected shrubs

Cut back hard shrubs such as Buddleja davidii, Salix alba var. Vitellina cultivars and Cornus sanguinea to keep them manageable and deepening the stem colour for next winter.

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