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What to sow in early March

Gomphrena globosa Rose. Picture; Chiltern Seeds
Gomphrena globosa Rose. Picture; Chiltern Seeds

Vegetables, herbs and flowers

March 1 is officially the first meteorological day of spring, although after the June-like February we’ve had, I suspect we’ll go back to January!

I’m ignoring that for the minute and trying to focus on average temperatures and these are the seeds I’ll be sowing indoors with gentle heat (weather permitting for the two outdoor ones).

It’s worth noting that at the Garden Press Event (much more about that in later posts), I was given lots more seeds to trial, so I’ve added some of them here.

Flowers from seed

Anthriscus sylvestris Ravenswing (purple cow parsley, 60-90cm), sow outdoors, Plant World Seeds

Anthriscus sylvestris Golden Fleece (golden cow parsley, 70-90cm), sow outdoors, Plant World Seeds

Gomphrena Rose (globe amaranth, 60cm), Chiltern Seeds TRIAL

George 'helps' to sort out the seeds
George ‘helps’ to sort out the seeds

Helichrysum bracteatum Silvery Rose (paper daisy, 90cm), Chiltern Seeds TRIAL

Nemesia Masquerade (coconut scented, 40cm), Suttons TRIAL

Pansy Swiss Giant Flame, (dark face on burnt orange, 20cm), Semillas Fito

Vegetables and herbs from seed

Cauliflower Speed Star F1, Dobies TRIAL

Garlic Chives, Jekka’s Herbs, Johnsons TRIAL

Sorrel Broad Leaved, Jekka’s Herbs, Johnsons TRIAL

Sweet pepper Lemon Dream, Marshalls TRIAL

Tomato Ruby Falls, Rob Smith Range, Dobies TRIAL

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