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Garden Trends Report 2019

New hydrangea Zorro
New hydrangea Zorro

What’s hot in the garden according to Wyevale

Get a jump on the latest gardening trends so your grass (or flowers) are greener than your neighbours, as you might say.

The second edition of the Garden Trends Report from Wyevale Garden Centres combines the insights and expertise of its senior buying team, plus survey data from more than 27,000 British gardeners, to uncover the key trends shaping our gardens.

The report reveals six main trends:

Climbing rose James Galway
Climbing rose James Galway

Front of show

Does your front garden get overlooked? Now’s the time to change it, as house-proud Brits look to boost property value and put a personal stamp on their homes.

Climbing rose James Galway, from David Austin Roses, is small enough not to engulf a front garden and has few thorns.

Geranium Tommy
Geranium Tommy

Home-grown heroes

There’s a trend towards planting native species, buying British-grown plants, to the resurgence of traditional favourites, such as geraniums (Pelargoniums) and new social media gardening stars.

Sweet pea Prince of Orange

Multisensory spaces

Planting schemes are focused on innovative displays of colour, fragrance, light and texture to create an immersive space. This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Living Coral, looks to be very successful.

Take a Zen-like approach to gardening this year
Take a Zen-like approach to gardening

Health and healing

From air purifying plants to plant protein, wellness has spurred a new desire to garden for physical and mental health benefits.

Fatsia canopy
Daughter dearest reading under the shady ‘canopy’ created by hacking away a huge Fatsia – George photobombing, obviously

Indoors out

Boundaries between the indoors and out have blurred, with living spaces flowing outdoors and gardens reflecting interior spaces with areas to dine, entertain, relax and be active.

Face-off between blackbird and starling with dunnock looking on
Face-off between blackbird and starling with dunnock looking on

Giving back in the garden

From environmentally conscious shoppers to wildlife and the weather, today’s gardeners are much more aware of the changes that can be made towards a more sustainable future.

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