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5 gardening jobs March 9-15

Vinca major variegata
Vinca major variegata
Tomatoes, chillies, aubergines, peppers and tomatillos just potted on

Sow vegetable seeds

Sow seeds in modules/pots in an unheated greenhouse: broad beansleekslettuce, rocket, coriander, peas and Swiss chard. Sow sweet peppers, chilliestomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, celery and globe artichokes in a propagator.

Strawberry runners potted on under glass with no heat

Early strawberry crop

Plant strawberry runners in hanging baskets or pots to grow in the greenhouse for an early summer crop.

My Polar Ice bare root plants, just emerging

Pot up Agapanthus

Repot established Agapanthus into slightly larger containers – but they do like to be rootbound.

Autumn-fruiting raspberries

Top-dress acid-loving fruit

Mulch raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and lingonberries with well-rotted farmyard manure (not mushroom compost as it is too alkaline).

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