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Super Petunia Caramel Yellow. Picture; Suttons
Super Petunia Caramel Yellow. Picture; Suttons

Size of Petunias and quantity of Calibrachoa from Suttons

If you want the WOW factor in your containers this summer, look no further than the new introduction from Suttons, Super Petunias.

They are technically an intergeneric hybrid of Petunias and Calibrachoa, combining the best of each, so you get the flower size of Petunias and quantity of Calibrachoa.

Super Petunias (x Petchoa BeautiCal) have a neat compact mounding habit and large, trumpet-shaped flowers, ideal for hanging baskets and pots.

The showy blooms come in a range of vibrant colours, including Caramel Yellow, red Bordeaux, Sunray Pink, light yellow French Vanilla and a spicy orange Cinnamon.

Strong, textured, weather-resistant flowers

Unlike the usual Petunia, the flowers are textured and strong, and recover from showers, helping them to remain healthy and cope with excess heat well.

They’re mildew resistant and the blooms are also non-sticky, which makes deadheading a more pleasant job.

Super Petunias (x Petchoa BeautiCal) are available as Super Plugs, delivery by late April/May.

5 Super Plugs (1 of each colour) £7.99; 10 Super Plugs (2 of each colour) £12; 6 Super Plugs of one colour £8.99. For more information visit www.suttons.co.uk or call on 0844 326 2200.

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