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What to sow in late March

Herb and vegetable seeds
Herb and vegetable seeds

Time to sow new herbs, veg and flowers

Mid- to late March is when seed sowing really hots up – yet I find my conservatory already stuffed to the gills with seedlings!

With daylight and darkness equalling out at the equinox and the days getting longer, it will be time to finally ditch my grow lamp for another year and turn down the heat mats.

This means that if you don’t have special equipment, it’s a good time for you to start sowing.

One of my aims this year is to create a potted herb patch on my garage roof.

This may sound like madness but the garage is actually on the ground floor and you reach the kitchen via an outside staircase to the side of it, so it’s as close as I can get to the cooking action!

I did have (and still have some) herbs dotted throughout the garden but really need to consolidate things. (For how to grow my favourite herbs and using them in cooking, click here.)

As ever, anything I’m trialling for a company will be marked as such. More will be sown later on.

Ornamental seeds, including Convolvulus tricolour
Ornamental seeds, including Convolvulus tricolour

Culinary herbs

  • Basil Piccolino: produces dense, rounded plants with small, full flavoured leaves, compact for pots, Mr Fothergill’s
  • Coriander: Plant World Seeds
  • Rocket Kennedy: Fast-growing and high yielding, Johnsons
  • Savory (Summer): Produces little flowers in summer over fine, slightly peppery leaves. Great for beans and pulses and as a seasoning for salt-free diets. Jekka’s Herbs, Johnsons TRIAL
  • Sweet Mace (Mexican tarragon): Superior in flavour to Russian Tarragon. Aromatic leaves and vibrant flowers, Jekka’s Herbs, Johnsons TRIAL

Flowers and veg

  • Convolvulus Tricolour: 40cm, dwarf Morning Glory-type trumpet-shaped flowers, Semillas Fito
  • Kale Mixed: (Black Magic, Scarlet and Dwarf Green Curled) Dobies
  • Onion Ciboule (Welsh onion) Red Skinned: heritage perennial allium, Thompson & Morgan
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