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Brexit fruit and veg boxes

Salad and Seed Brexit Box. Picture; Suttons
Salad and Seed Brexit Box. Picture; Suttons

Grow your own and beat potential price rises

In these uncertain days in the run-up to leaving the European Union, Government reports have warned that fruit and veg are likely to be one of the most vulnerable areas post-Brexit.

More than 37 per cent of the fruit and 40 per cent of veg we eat is imported from the EU.

One way to beat potential price rises is to get growing in your garden or in containers, which is why Suttons has launched three Brexit Boxes.

Each Brexit Box can be customised to include pots and containers or growing tables, so you don’t need a huge outside space to join in.

Summer Collection Brexit Box

The Summer Veg Box includes grafted plants, which produce up to 75 per cent more fruit than non-grafted varieties and have a longer cropping period.

  • Tomato Shirley: 2 x Super Plug Plants
  • Aubergine Scorpio: 2 x Super Plug Plants
  • Cucumber Mini Star: 2 x Super Plug Plants

The 6 grafted plants cost £15 (worth £19.98), delivery from mid-April.

Summer Vegetable Brexit Box. Picture; Suttons
Summer Vegetable Brexit Box. Picture; Suttons

Fruit Collection Brexit Box

A selection of strawberries and blueberries that produces delicious fruit for five months. The more you pick the more you’ll have.

Blueberries are packed with goodness, which means no more of those High Street prices for your fix of them.

  • 6 x Strawberry Delizz® (Super Plug Plants)
  • 1 x Blueberry (1 Litre Potted Plant)

All 7 plants cost £15 (worth £20), delivery From mid-May.

Fruit Brexit Box. Picture; Suttons
Fruit Brexit Box. Picture; Suttons

Salad and Seed Brexit Box

The Salad & Seed Box contains everything you need to create colourful salads for every occasion.

  • 22 x Lettuce All Sorts Mix (Value Plugs)
  • 45 x Spring Onion Plants – White Lisbon/Redmate (Extra Value Plugs)
  • Rainbow Mix Beetroot (Seeds)
  • Rocket (Seeds)
  • Radish Rainbow Mix (Seeds)

All 67 plants and 3 seed packs £12.00 (worth £22.45), delivery from mid-May.

Available to buy at suttons.co.uk or call on 0844 326 2200.

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