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Thrive’s It’s Not Just Gardening Campaign

Look after the whole family's health and wellbeing by gardening

Gardening for good health and more, April 1-5

As a vocal advocate for gardening for mental and physical health and wellbeing, it’s great to see charity Thrive’s It’s Not Just Gardening campaign launching on April 1.

With decades of experience promoting and providing gardening-for-health services, Thrive is a perfect source of information for getting the most out of your plot, whether it’s a paddock or a window box.

Getting out and gardening offers so many benefits, from boosting physical fitness to improving mental health and providing a sense of purpose.

It can be a very social activity too, helping to overcome isolation and loneliness.

Community gardens, for example, offer the opportunity to garden alongside others, working as a team and making friendships.

Thrive logoNew skills

If you like learning, being in a garden is an amazing classroom. Growing vegetables, fruit and flowers will not only give you new skills that could lead to qualifications and a horticultural career, it’ll also expand your understanding of nature.

As you start to see the fruits of your labours literally grow in front of you, the sense of achievement and self-confidence will increase.

And then there’s just the feel-good factor of simply being outdoors in the fresh air, connecting with nature and having a chance to forget the worries of everyday life.

Keep an eye out for the hashtag on social media: #getgardening

For more information and ideas to get involved, visit https://www.thrive.org.uk/its-not-just-gardening.aspx.

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