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Isoplexis bella – Canary Island foxglove

Isoplexis Bella. Picture; Suttons
Isoplexis Bella. Picture; Suttons

Exotic relative of the foxglove now available

If you like your plants on the exotic side, then you’ll love this new Isoplexis Bella, introduced to UK gardeners thanks to a collaboration between Suttons and Hillier Nurseries.

This pure Canary Island foxglove has stunning tropical looks, a voluptuous sub-shrub shape, profuse flowering, nectar-rich flowers which attract bees, bright colours and drought tolerance.

This joint venture will mean as many gardeners as possible will be able to buy it, combining Suttons’ experience in mail order and online sales, with Hillier Nurseries and Garden Centres distributing via a wide range of retailers.

The plants, up to 1m tall, are shaped like a candelabra and have a tremendous garden presence, with fiery sunset shade flowers and ruby stems that appear to glow, even when not in flower.

Moderately hardy plants

The plants are moderately hardy (down to -5ºC), so would benefit from some shelter if your garden suffers hard frosts.

They bloom from June to September and as they naturally grow on the edge of the forest, they enjoy the sun as well as dappled shade.

  • Genus: Isoplexis
  • Species: Canariensis
  • Common name: Canary Island foxglove
  • Height/spread: 81-90cm, 51-60cm
  • Where to grow: Containers, beds and borders
  • Attracts: Bees
  • Climate: Full sun, partial shade
  • Flower colour: Orange
  • Flowers: June, July, August, September

Small plants are available to order now, 1 x 9cm £7.99, 3 x 9cm £15, for May delivery, visit www.suttons.co.uk for details.

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