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New and exclusive raspberries

Raspberry Schlaraffia Plentiful. Picture; Lubera
Raspberry Schlaraffia Plentiful. Picture; Lubera

Autumn and summer varieties from fruit experts Lubera

Raspberries are expensive to buy in the shops and the flavour’s usually poor, so this makes them a great fruit to grow at home, as they don’t take up much room.

If you want a great harvest and a taste you’ve only ever dreamt of, try one of these new and exclusive varieties from Lubera:

Raspberry Schlaraffia® Plentiful

This new early maturing autumn Raspberry Schlaraffia® Plentiful is all about the harvest. It starts to ripen in July, producing an enormous amount of fruit.

In late July and early August, the leaves are virtually hidden by flowers, the green fruit and clusters of ripe fruit.

Early fruit begins to grow large and conical, but then become medium in size later in the season, due to the huge amount of fruit that the main crop produces.

Plentiful continues to bear fruit after the main harvest at the end of July/beginning of August – there are always new side shoots that bear fruit, which extends the yield.

The canes are thornless, require little training and grow to 110-150cm.

Raspberry Schlaraffia Naschmich (Nibbleme). Picture; Lubera
Raspberry Schlaraffia Naschmich (Nibbleme). Picture; Lubera

Raspberry Schlaraffia® Naschmich (Nibbleme)

This new early autumn variety bears fruit in abundance in the second half of July and the beginning of August.

It’s particularly well suited for freezing with its large, concentrated harvest.

The fruits of Nibbleme are large and conical and the taste is a balance of sugar and fruit acid.

Nibbleme has upright growth with thornless, strong canes with fruit borne at the end of the canes, making it easy to pick.

Raspberry Summer Chef. Picture Lubera
Raspberry Summer Chef. Picture Lubera

Raspberry Summer Chef

Grow raspberries with the taste of your childhood, thanks to the new summer variety Summer Chef.

For years, the Lubera team have been looking for a summer raspberry for the home gardener that combines an excellent raspberry aroma with robust growth and good cane health.

Summer Chef has aromatic large, bright red fruits with vanilla-like floral elements with a true raspberry taste.

Growth is healthy and relatively compact, with few thorns. It matures in July, right in the gap between traditional summer and autumn raspberries.

Prices for all these varieties start from £7.40 in a 1.3-litre pot, for a well-rooted, vigorous plant. For more information visit www.lubera.co.uk.

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