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5 gardening jobs April 6-12

Tulip kaufmannii
Tulip kaufmannii
Bees on lavender. Picture; Vanessa Sundin

Pep up shrubby herbs

Hard-prune shrubby herbs such as sage, cotton lavender (Santolina), bay and rue. This will encourage vigorous new growth and side-shoots. Trim old stems from marjoram and savory, if not already done. Prune lavender into shape, taking care not to cut into the old wood. Offcuts can be used as softwood cuttings. Old, woody plants are best removed.

Aphid colony

Be vigilant over pests

Pest populations usually start to increase dramatically now. Be vigilant and don’t allow infestations to build up. Use organic treatments, such as insecticidal soap, to control problems until the temperatures are warm enough for biological controls to be introduced.

Golden Rudbeckia grown from seed

Grow perennials from seed

Sow perennials in modules or small pots. Prick out once leaves are large enough to handle. Plant out when well-established. Some perennials may flower this year, others will take longer.

Tying in climbing rose stems to the horizontal

Encourage more flowers on climbing roses

As climbing roses send out shoots, pull them down to the horizontal. This will encourage flowering shoots to emerge all along the stem.

Dahlia tubers potted up after making it through the winter

Prepare half-hardy perennials

Pot on dahlia and begonia tubers and pinch out tips of fuchsias and other half-hardy plants.

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