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Spring and Easter gardening tools

Elite Hedge Shears. Picture; Wilkinson Sword
Elite Hedge Shears. Picture; Wilkinson Sword

Celebrate the start of the outdoor gardening season

Unless you’re an idiot like me who actually enjoys being outdoors in January, most people’s gardening season begins at Easter.

With it being late this year, it gives us more of a chance to avoid weather madness (although it’s 8ºC outside in bright sunshine as I write this) and what better time to celebrate spring than investing in new tools to make your life easier?

Here’s my choice, from affordable hand tools to cultivators for bigger gardens or an allotment.


WOLF-Garten’s multi-change® system has lightweight, interchangeable tool heads that fit whichever handle you choose with a 35-year guarantee.

For soil preparation and maintenance, there are six recommended tool heads that simply ‘click’ to attach to the chosen handle. Sixty tool heads and 15 handles in the multi-change® range create combinations to suit every need.

Breaking up soil: The Grubber (£16.99) has three self-sharpening pointed tines to break up tougher ground, with a working head width of 9cm, ideal for working between growing crops.

Tilling: The Soil Miller (£44.99) crumbles heavy soil into a fine tilth, removes weeds and prepares the ground for planting and sowing seeds. The roller motion allows you to get the job done quickly, making it ideal for use in large areas.

Sowing: The Seed Sower (£16.99) helps you to roll out uniform rows of seeds swiftly without bending and keeps a consistent spacing between seeds. The tool has six settings, which are adjustable to suit the size of the seeds being planted.

Planting: The Hand Trowel (£15.99) has an extra-hardened tool head, shaped to scoop up large amounts of soil to make trenches to plant bulbs and plants.

Aerator: The Aerator (£16.99) has a working width of 3.5cm making it useful for working in narrow bed rows.

Weeding: The Small Draw Hoe (£16.99) is ideal for hoeing and weeding in small, confined areas, with extra sharp blades.

The Mini multi-change® Gift Set (£24.99) is ideal for a smaller garden, as the tool heads are perfect for getting into compact areas.

WOLF-Garten also does a Mini Tool Gift Set (£34.99) which includes a pair of bypass secateurs, one trowel, one hand grubber and one joint scraper.

Visit www.wolfgarten-tools.co.uk.



Ideal for tackling an overgrown allotment, Cobra’s petrol-powered cultivators will take away the need for hours of digging.

Cobra T24C – 10” Petrol Powered Cultivator: A compact cultivator with a working width of 10” making it ideal for medium-sized gardens or tight spaces.  With four tines, it is light and easy to manoeuvre.

Cobra T40B – 16” Petrol Powered Cultivator: Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 500E Series engine, the T40B has a 16” working width and four tines that will cultivate a depth of up to 250mm.

Cobra T60RB – 24” Petrol Powered Cultivator: With the largest working width and a Briggs & Stratton 850E Series ReadyStart engine, six steel blades will cultivate a depth of up to 250mm.

Each Cobra cultivator has a two-year warranty and an aftersales service providing repairs, maintenance and servicing support.

For more information visit www.cobragarden.co.uk.

Town & Country

Gift Boxed Pruners (£7.99) have high-quality carbon steel bypass blades with lightweight aluminium handles which can cut through stems up to 15mm thick.

The Mastergrip Patterns Gloves (£7.99) have a soft lining featuring a floral or olive pattern.

Daisy Cloggies (£12.99) are cushioned, comfortable and lightweight, perfect for keeping by the back door. Available in navy, green and aubergine.

The Gift Boxed Trowel & Fork Gift Set  (£11.99) matches the Cloggies and are made from high-quality stainless steel with weatherproofed and shaped handles.

Bosworth Wellington Boots (£49.99) have a cushioned insole and adjustable strap, available in green, navy, and aubergine.

Wilkinson Sword

Deluxe Boxed Bypass Pruners (£19.99) have a cutting capacity of 20mm and provide a perfect cutting angle for left or right-handed work, with non-slip handle grips.

Ultralight Bypass Loppers (£27.99) weigh only 450gm – 50 per cent lighter than a standard pair. The non-stick bypass blade provides a clean cut to green branches.

Boxed Pruner Twin Pack (£29.99) a bypass pruner for young, green stems and an anvil pruner for cutting older growth.

Elite Hedge Shears (£49.99) are a top-of-the-range pair with integrated shock-absorbing buffers and lightweight aluminium handles.

The Carbon Steel Collection (£4.99 each) are the perfect tough hand tools for spring planting, manufactured using the highest quality carbon steel with a green epoxy finish.

Look for the Hand Fork, Hand Trowel, Transplanting Trowel, Fixed Bulb Planter and Weed Grubber.

All Wilkinson Sword garden tools carry a 10-year guarantee, visit www.wilkinsonsword-tools.co.uk.

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