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5 gardening jobs April 13-18

Holly blue butterfly on newly painted black garden wall
Runner bean supports made out of Phormium flower stems

Support your beans

Prepare runner and climbing French bean supports if you want to save time later in the year.

Daffodil Thalia

Get rid of spent daffodil flowers

Deadhead daffodils, but let the leaves die down naturally, to store food for next season’s display.

Clematis Miss Bateman

Keep climbers secure

Tie in honeysuckle, clematis and other climbers as new growth starts to sprout.

Golden thyme

Freshen up herbs

Divide clumps of herbs that have become too large. Plants, such as bay, that are difficult to propagate otherwise, can be layered now. Refresh herbs growing in pots by scraping off the top 5cm/2” of compost, topping up with fresh and finishing off with a layer of horticultural grit to retain moisture.

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