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Easter events at Beamish Museum

Traditional egg decorating, ready for jarping. Picture; Beamish Museum
Traditional egg decorating, ready for jarping. Picture; Beamish Museum

Traditional springtime fun over the holiday weekend, April 19-22

From crafts and egg rolling to carrot lolly making and egg jarping, there’ll be plenty to see and do during the Easter Fun at Beamish event at the County Durham open-air museum.

Visitors can also join in with a children’s Easter trail – can you help the Beamish Bunny find all the eggs he has hidden around the museum?

Jonathan Blackburn, engagement and participation team assistant said: “We’ve got loads planned for the whole family during the Easter holidays, with a chance to discover how Easter was celebrated during the 1820s, early 1900s and 1940s.

“Plus, what better way to enjoy the event than by helping find all the missing eggs around the museum?”

One a penny, two a penny... Picture; Beamish Museum
One a penny, two a penny… Picture; Beamish Museum

Traditional baking

On all four days, see (and taste!) traditional Easter baking and call in at Herron’s Bakery in The 1900s Town to buy some hot cross buns and other Easter-themed treats.

On Good Friday, visit 1820s Pockerley Old Hall where they’ll be making pickled salmon “the Newcastle way”, herrings cooked in beer and simnel cake with bitter tansy icing.

In Joe the Quilter’s cottage there’ll be fried trout, freshly-caught by Joe from the nearby stream.

See fish pie and hot cross buns being made in No. 3 Francis Street in The 1900s Pit Village. In No. 2 Ravensworth Terrace in The 1900s Town, they’ll be making salmon fishcakes and simnel cake, and visitors can grab a fish dinner in the Tea Rooms.

There’ll be a chance to make an Easter wreath in The Pit Village school, (April 19-21).

Making wartime carrot lollies. Picture; Beamish Museum
Making wartime carrot lollies. Picture; Beamish Museum

Carrot lollies

Make a carrot lolly at The 1940s Farm and get all crafty with Easter cards and finger puppet making (April 20-22).

At Pockerley Old Hall, Georgian folk will be egg jarping (like conkers, but with hard-boiled eggs).

​On Easter Sunday and Monday, head to the dentist’s waiting room in The 1900s Town to decorate an egg, plus there’ll be egg rolling in The Town park at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm.

At Pockerley Old Hall, there’ll be a leg of lamb roasting in front of the fire, and see the parlour set up for tea. Lamb is also on the menu for the family at The 1940s Farm.

Easter Fun at Beamish is included in the admission to price and is free for Unlimited Pass holders and Friends of Beamish members. A Beamish Unlimited Pass allows visitors to pay once and come back free for a year, this includes all daytime events.

Beamish Museum is open daily from 10am to 5pm. For more information, visit www.beamish.org.uk.

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