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5 gardening jobs May 4-10

Potash Nursery's Fuchsia Star Wars
Potash Nursery's Fuchsia Star Wars
Bee on Spiraea japonica Goldflame

Increase your stock of shrubs

Take softwood cuttings of deciduous shrubs, including Forsythia, Fuchsia, Hydrangea macrophylla, Philadelphus and Spiraea – choose non-flowering stems.

Potato Jazzy in 8l bags

Keep potato haulms covered

Cover emerging shoots of potatoes with soil. If the tubers are exposed to light, they turn green because of an increase in chlorophyll, which makes them have a high level of glycoalkaloids toxins.


Deadhead daffodils

Keep nipping off the dead flower heads of late-flowering daffodils and let the foliage die down naturally.

Tulip El Nino

Discard old bedding tulips

When old tulips have finished flowering, discard the bulbs, ready to plant up containers with summer bedding.

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