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New GardenSkill website review

Brooke testing in the garden. Picture; GardenSkill
Brooke testing in the garden. Picture; GardenSkill

Innovative solutions for grow-your-own gardeners

It’s great to see a gardening products website that’s easy to use and navigate, making it a doddle to find what you’re looking for and the new GardenSkill site is just that.

In case you don’t know, GardenSkill is a British-based family company which started in 2009 with the Build-a-Ball fruit cage system.

The firm has grown to become the UK’s largest supplier of pop-up garden products including fruit and veg cages, cloches and tunnels, along with innovative raised beds, gloves, netting, hand tools, pest control treatments and much more.

Many of the products developed by GardenSkill are the brainchild of its founder, keen gardener and engineer Brooke Davis (you can read more about his inventions here).

Family business: from left, brothers Simon and Phil, mum and dad Carol and Brooke and Simon's wife Diana. Picture; GardenSkill
Family business: from left, brothers Simon and Phil, mum and dad Carol and Brooke and Simon’s wife Diana. Picture; GardenSkill

Understanding gardening problems

After a good chat with Brooke’s son Simon at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show, it’s reassuring to know that the family really understands the problems ordinary gardeners face with pests, the great British weather.

Crop protection and raised beds are very reasonably priced, so the gardener with not much spare cash isn’t priced out of the market.

There’s also an eco-friendly range of slug deterrents, organic lawn treatments and weed control.

The site also has lots of information – the Grow Your Own Expert section offers advice on fruit beds, raised beds, cloches and polytunnels.

Carol with one of the pop-up products. Picture; GardenSkill
Carol with one of the pop-up products. Picture; GardenSkill

Informative guides

A seasonal planner and growing guide are to be added in the future, as well as more blog posts.

There are instructional videos to help you out and if you really don’t like shopping online, you can either download the catalogue as a pdf or GardenSkill will send one out to you in the post.

On that note, if you don’t like ordering online, you can do so by phone on 01902 725 055.

All in all, www.gardenskill.com is well worth a look if you’re growing your own crops this year.

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