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5 gardening jobs June 1-7

Allium just about to open
Runner bean Moonlight ready to be hardened off

Sow tender veg outside

Sow peas, sweetcorn, outdoor cucumbers, runner, French and broad beans, peas and squash directly into prepared beds. French beans are best sown in traditional rows, 45cm (18in) apart, at 15-22cm (6-9in) spacing.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse with runner beans, courgettes and squash ready to be planted out

Ventilate your greenhouse

Open doors and vents on greenhouses to increase ventilation. Damp down the floor to increase humidity. Give plants a liquid feed to encourage flowering and fruiting.

Clematis montana Elizabeth

Cut back Clematis montana

Prune overcrowded, dead or diseased stems of Clematis montana once it has finished flowering. Untangling the stems can be fiddly, but it will take cutting back hard.

Hosta Canadian Blue

Protect plants from slugs and snails

Continue to protect lily, delphiniums, hostas, and other susceptible plants from slugs and snails.

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