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Help your grass flourish with a properly maintained lawn mower

Keep your lawn looking immaculate all season
Keep your lawn looking immaculate all season

Tips to keep your mower running right through the growing season

Lawns and equipment repairs aren’t my areas of expertise but thankfully Simply Garden Spares has the knowledge and stock to help you out if you have problems with your mower…

Right through the growing season, the lawn is the focus of many a garden. Keep it in shape and the rest of the garden falls into shape.

Grass virtually stops growing when the temperature drops under 4.5ºC/40ºF but during a mild winter, it is possible you may still need to mow.

All too often, when you get out the lawn mower again after not using it for a bit, you might notice that it doesn’t run as it should.

It is always a good idea to give it a thorough service after long periods when it has not been used in order to check that everything is in top condition.

Check your spark plug

If you have a petrol mower, the first step here is to remove the spark plug. This will not only mean there is no chance of the mower starting while you are checking it, but it will also let you see what state it is in.

If the plug is very dirty, you may well need to replace it, which can be done relatively quickly and cost-effectively.

Keeping your lawn mower in the best condition for a perfect finish
Keeping your lawn mower in the best condition for a perfect finish

Next, check the oil. Use your dipstick to make sure that the oil is at the right level and if not, top it up.

Again, oil for your mower can be purchased at very little cost. You will also need to check your air filter, to make sure it doesn’t need changing.

Consult your manual

If you are not sure, it is always worth looking at your owner’s manual. Even if your filter is fine for now, it is something you should keep an eye on and check once a month.

Now you can check the remaining parts of the mower for rust and give it a wipe with some oil to help prevent rust build up.

Check under the mower to remove any old grass build up and to ensure that the wheels are free of obstructions and can move easily.

Finally, make sure that the blades are free of debris and are not blunt.  If they are, it is highly recommended to purchase replacement lawnmower blades that are compatible with your existing mower.

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