Home Videos Welcome to MandyCanUDigIt’s video bloopers!

Welcome to MandyCanUDigIt’s video bloopers!

Yes, I do sound like Sarah Millican

As someone who hates having their picture taken, being videoed is like entering hell.

Feel free to have a good laugh at my expense because 95% of our first batch of filming ended up as bloopers, most of them foul-mouthed, although we’ve kept it clean here!

This video’s band T-shirt is brought to you by The Cure. Enjoy…

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Mandy Watson is a freelance journalist and an incurable plantaholic. MandyCanUDigIt grew from the tiny seed of a Twitter account into the rainforest of information you see before you. Gardening columnist for the Sunderland Echo, Shields Gazette and Hartlepool Mail and editor of the Teesdale Mercury Magazine. Attracted by anything rebellious, exotic and nerdy, even after all these years. Passionate about northern England and gardens everywhere. Falls over a lot.


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