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Father’s Day gifts for gardeners

A Fresh-T cuppa. Picture; Lubera
A Fresh-T cuppa. Picture; Lubera

Stuck for a gift for your gardening mad-dad on Sunday? Well, here are a few ideas to make his day…

Lubera Fresh-T plant

If he loves a cuppa, why not try Lubera’s Tea Plant Fresh-T (Camellia sinesis)?

The shrubs are hardy down to -15°C when the roots are protected with insulating material, with beautiful and healthy growth.

Leaves are suitable for aromatic green teas and fresh infusions and a fine-scented tea can also be made from the flowers.

A strong plant in a 1.3 L pot costs £14.90, for more information visit http://www.lubera.co.uk/plants/herbs-und-tea/common-tea-plant-camelia-sinensis/tea-plant-fresh-t

Mini Tool gift set. Picture; WOLF-Garten
Mini Tool gift set. Picture; WOLF-Garten

WOLF-Garten Mini Tool Gift Set

Especially useful for small balconies or terrace gardens due to the narrow tool heads. The set includes a pair of bypass secateurs for pruning, a trowel for planting, a hand grubber for cultivating soil and a joint scraper for weeding, £34.99, www.wolfgarten-tools.co.uk.

Wilkinson Sword Elite Bypass Loppers

These loppers are individually crafted with superior steel blades and strong dual cast housing with an integrated shock absorption system. They have lightweight extruded aluminium handles with plush contoured grips, £49.99, www.wilkinsonsword-tools.co.uk.
Bosworth wellies. Picture; Town and Country
Bosworth wellies. Picture; Town and Country

The Bosworth Wellington Boots

Town & Country’s traditional length boots have a cushioned insole for extra comfort, made from natural rubber, and with an adjustable strap for a secure fit. They have a contoured design, reinforced seams for strength and a steel shank for added support, £49.99, www.townandco.com.
Premium Leather Gauntlet Gloves
Thanks to the tough leather palm, these gloves provide the optimum protection required when tackling thorny rose bushes
and unruly shrubs. The leather is strong enough to withstand any challenge, yet supple enough to provide maximum comfort. The extra-long suede safety cuff helps to protect your wrists and lower arms, available in medium and large, £15.99, www.townandco.com.
Deluxe Boxed Bypass Pruners. Picture; Wilkinson Sword
Deluxe Boxed Bypass Pruners. Picture; Wilkinson Sword

Wilkinson Sword’s Deluxe Boxed Bypass Pruners

These stylish pruners provide the perfect cutting angle to withstand any task. With non-slip, soft grips they are easy to use and the high-quality steel blades are capable of cutting stems up to 20mm thick, £19.99, www.wilkinsonsword-tools.co.uk.
Mini multi-change® Gift Set. Picture; Wolf Garten
Mini multi-change® Gift Set. Picture; Wolf Garten

WOLF-Garten Mini multi-change® Gift Set

An ideal present for gardening beginners. The set includes a variety of tool heads for all gardening tasks such as a trowel for planting, a cultivator for loosening the soil, a lawn rake for cleaning and a double hoe for weeding. The handle included can also be interchanged with more than 60 different tool heads in the WOLF-Garten multi-change® range, £24.99, www.wolfgarten-tools.co.uk.
Kneeler and seat. Picture; Town & Country
Kneeler and stool. Picture; Town & Country

Kneeler and stool

This versatile 2-in-1 kneeler and stool will allow your dad to work comfortably when planting or weeding flower beds and pots. In the upright position it is a comfortable garden stool, or turned
upside down it becomes a cushioned kneeler, with handles either side. Made from tough durable foam and tubular steel, it is light to carry and folds easily for storage, £29.99, www.townandco.com.
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