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Leaf Salad Collection for a productive winter greenhouse

Mind the Gap Leaf Salad Collection. Picture; Suttons
Mind the Gap Leaf Salad Collection. Picture; Suttons

Mind the Gap from Suttons

Keep your vegetable bills down this winter and avoid an unproductive greenhouse or polytunnel with a new collection from Suttons.

Mind the Gap Leaf Salad Collection is perfect to plant in a greenhouse or tunnel after you’ve harvested tomatoes and cucumbers in October.

Plant straight into borders under glass, or into the large pots that your tomatoes or cucumbers grew in.

There is no need to change the compost, just remove the old plants and replace with your new ones – make sure they’re in a sunny spot.

The plants are a colourful collection of spicy and mild mustards in green, purple and gold that you can crop all winter from November-March.

For salads, stir-fries and casseroles

They’re great for salads, stir-fries and winter casseroles – just chop the leaves and stems and add to your chosen dish along with other veg.

Harvest leaves from baby leaf size or leave to grow and harvest all winter. When the plants begin to flower in spring, the blooms can be used to add colour and a peppery kick to salads.

The collection can also be grown outdoors if given cloche protection from the worst of the winter weather.

The Mind The Gap Leaf Salad Collection, a selection of green, purple and gold salad leaves costs £7.99 for 22 Value Plugs. Dispatch is from the beginning of October.

For more information visit www.suttons.co.uk.

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