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Ecofective Cat & Dog Repellent review

Empty soil bed just treated with ecofective's Cat & Dog Repellent
Empty soil bed just treated with ecofective's Cat & Dog Repellent

Pet safe but effective spray or gel

There is nothing more tempting to my cat George than an empty bed of newly dug soil to, er, soil.

Since building several new fruit and veg beds this spring, I put ecofective’s Cat & Dog Repellent Spray to the test, as I did not want a bumper crop of cat poo.

The spray is ready to use (it also comes in a crystal gel formula), discouraging cats and dogs from fouling in beds or from using faeces and urine to mark their territory.

George cat fence
Ruiner of habitats – George behind bars (well, the fence)

The slow release, highly scented formula uses methyl nonyl ketone which is proven to deter cats and dogs from treated areas.

Derived from natural ingredients, its citric smell deters cats and dogs from fouling where they shouldn’t and can be used in along with toilet training.

Persistence is the key

The key is very much starting with a clean slate (literally) – remove any solid waste and wash down fouled areas with clear water.

Spray onto and around soiled areas, which can be repeated every 12 hours to deter repeat offenders! I confess I didn’t do this that often, which is a bit much to ask busy people.

The bed in July, with runner beans, kale and strawberries
The bed in July, with runner beans, kale and strawberries

However, it did coincide with a spell of dry weather, so the effects lasted longer than I expected.

I planted up the bed with strawberries, kale and beans, which remains unmolested by George. However, I did use another bed as a control, leaving it unsprayed, which he duly went on to ruin. There’s a moral in that somewhere!

For more information or to find stockists, visit www.ecofective.uk.com.

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