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Lubera’s new exclusive Redlove apple Jedermann’s

Redlove apple Jedermann's. Picture; Lubera
Redlove apple Jedermann's. Picture; Lubera

Red-fleshed apple with appealing flavour!

A new red-fleshed apple has been launched exclusively by Swiss fruit experts Lubera with a taste home gardeners will love, the firm claims.

Redlove Jedermann’s has a sweet, mild taste with none of the slight astringency that most of the Redlove family of apples have in the aftertaste.

This new apple is very fruity and perfect to bite into (the other varieties in the Redlove range are more suitable for cutting and then enjoying).

Jedermann’s strikes the perfect balance, appealing to both lovers of sour and sweet apples, with its red flesh having a very firm, crisp texture, no astringency and lots of juiciness.

Redlove apple Jedermann's. Picture; Lubera
Redlove apple Jedermann’s. Picture; Lubera

Resistant to scab

The apples are large and it is resistant to scab and stronger growing than Redlove Era and Calypso, with slightly flatter side shoots than Redlove Odysso.

The apples are ready to eat directly from the tree, does not require initial storage for the reduction of acid and can be stored until January.

For more information visit www.lubera.co.uk.

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