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Ecofective Houseplant Defender review

ecofective Houseplant Defender
ecofective Houseplant Defender

All-in-one ready to use spray does the job

Most gardeners have a greenhouse completely separate from their house but mine is different – it’s really a conservatory, a long lean-to with direct access to the back door and kitchen.

This means that anything I spray on my plants will get into the house, so I’ve always been very careful what I use on plants.

The ecofective Houseplant Defender All In One Care spray is ready to use in a handy 1-litre spray bottle – and it not only gets rid of pests but feeds plants too.

Tested plants were tomatoes, peppers, chillies and houseplants (Monstera, Philodendron, Dracaena) grown indoors, not the conservatory. There were a few aphids about, which tend to go for the peppers and chillies plus my usual summer nemesis, fungus gnats (see more here). These little black flies drive me mad on an almost yearly basis.

Pesticide-free spray

The pesticide-free spray, which acts by physical methods, not chemical, certainly cleared up the aphids and led to much healthier growth on the peppers and chillies.

The fungus gnats were much reduced, although the problem was not resolved altogether.

ecofective Houseplant Defender with a selection of my treated houseplants
ecofective Houseplant Defender with a selection of my treated houseplants

I didn’t use the spray on my aubergines, which is a shame, as they really succumbed to red spider mite – it would have been useful to know how well it controlled them.

The conservatory often gets hit by powdery mildew but there’s been none this year – the spray washes away any spores.

Suitable for ornamental and edible plants

Ideal for edible and ornamental plants, the formula works by physical mode of action and contains a blend of surfactants which stop the pests from moving and being able to feed. Apply to the upper and lower leaf weekly to keep full control of bugs.

The formula also provides foliar nourishment to encourage healthy vibrant houseplants and stimulate the development of more flowers.

There is no harvest interval required, meaning the produce can be eaten within hours after application.

Apply early in the morning or late in the evening – using the spray in direct sunlight can lead to scorching of the plants and re-apply every week to keep full control of the pests.

For more details, visit www.ecofectiveuk.com.

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