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WOLF-Garten multi-change tools for National Allotment Week

multichange Dutch hoe. Picture; WOLF Garten
multichange Dutch hoe. Picture; WOLF-Garten

Four tool heads to ease gardening pain and strain

The hoe is one of the most versatile of gardening tools – use it for weeding, breaking up soil, clearing areas and harvesting root veg – it’s essential for the allotment.

To highlight National Allotment Week (August 12-18), WOLF-Garten’s multi-change® range includes four key hoe variations. Choose the combination that’s right for you to reduce back pain and joint problems.

Each tool head fits any of the 15 handles in the range – choose the handle to suit your height or task, then ‘click’ to attach and release.

multi-change® Dutch hoe

The traditional Dutch hoe has a hollowed-out tool head and WOLF-Garten’s version features a hardened one-piece blade for extra strength. Push and pull the tool just below the surface to cut through weeds and remove them from the soil, surrounding plants and shrubs. RRP multi-change® Dutch Hoe 13cm, £14.99.

multichange draw hoe. Picture; WOLF-Garten
multichange draw hoe. Picture; WOLF-Garten

multi-change® Draw Hoe

This simple angled rectangular head will hoe, weed and trench. It is ideal for working around broad-leaved shrubs and plants and has an ergonomically designed swan-neck arm which has been extra-strengthened to allow greater flexibility and ground clearance when using the tool in trenches, whilst also reducing the strain on your back. multi-change® Draw Hoe 10cm, £16.99; 15cm, £19.99.

multichange double hoe. Picture; WOLF-Garten
multichange double hoe. Picture; WOLF-Garten

multi-change® Double Hoe

This is effectively two tools in one; one side has a broad, sharp-angled blade that can be used for weeding or drawing out seed drills. Flip it over and there are three sharp prongs to help break up heavy soil. The working head width makes it ideal for working between growing crops. multi-change® Double Hoe 8cm, £17.99.

multichange Swoe hoe. Picture; WOLF-Garten
multichange Swoe hoe. Picture; WOLF-Garten

multi-change® Swoe Style Hoe

The Swoe Style Hoe is ideal for weeding around and behind plants in tight areas. The shape of the tool head allows you to use a push-and-pull action to sever weeds from their roots, whilst the angle of the neck is ergonomically designed to provide comfort whilst working in an upright position. multi-change® Swoe Style Hoe 12cm, £15.99.

Handles which fit all tool heads are available, from short to extra-long, costing from £4.99-£45.99.

Each tool head and handle is guaranteed for 35 years. To view the full WOLF-Garten range, visit www.wolfgarten-tools.co.uk.

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