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Veranda Red tomato by Burpee Europe launched

Tomato Veranda Red. Picture; Burpee Europe
Tomato Veranda Red. Picture; Burpee Europe

Bush variety ideal for pots and small spaces

Want to grow tomatoes but don’t think you have the room? Think again with this variety Veranda Red, a new development in compact bush tomatoes.

Veranda Red has been created by the Burpee Europe breeding programme and seed is available from Pennard Plants.

The tomato, which only reaches about 12″ (30cm) tall, made its debut at the Pennard Plants display at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show.

Edible Eden by Chris Smith. Picture; RHS/Joanna Kossak
Edible Eden by Chris Smith. Picture; RHS/Joanna Kossak

Tomato’s top-selling points

  • A very dwarf cherry bush tomato with taste
  • Suitable for pot sizes from two litre (one plant) to 25 litres (three or four plants)
  • Requires no canes, supports or sideshooting
  • Good resistance to disease including blight
  • Early ripening, starts to produce a crop in mid-July from a mid-April sowing
  • Fruit 12-16g each
  • Ideal for outside, greenhouse container growing, balconies, patio pots or even a cool windowsill in late autumn.

Burpee Europe logoBreeder’s long toil

Simon Crawford has been working on this tomato since breeding Red Alert, which was introduced in 1983, and Tumbler which was introduced in 1990.

Selection of parent plants took place in multiple locations, including just outside Madrid, Evesham in Worcestershire, East Yorkshire and The Netherlands.

Simon said: “This is a significant breakthrough in adding flavour to this class of dwarf bush tomatoes. I am pleased with the outcome and hope that gardeners will enjoy this variety during the coming years.”

Years in the making

He added: “The design of a garden may take a year but a new variety of tomato can take 10-15 years in the making.

“We seem to struggle to celebrate the introduction of new varieties and it may be difficult to separate the claims from the reality but I believe that Veranda Red is a good solid variety that will stand the test of time.”

A pack of approximately 10 Veranda Red seeds costs £2.50 from Pennard Plants.

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