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Johnsons new vegetable seeds

Dill Nano. Picture; Johnsons
Dill Nano. Picture; Mr Fothergill's

From dwarf varieties to more seeds for your money

The seed companies are unveiling their new seed varieties thick and fast for the 2020 season and here are the latest vegetables on offer from Johnsons.

Dill Nano

Adding to the herbs range, Nano (£2.20 for 200 seeds) grows incredibly quickly and as a dwarf selection, it’s perfect for patio pots or where space is limited.

Cucumber Silor F1. Picture; Johnsons
Cucumber Silor F1. Picture; Johnsons

Cucumber Silor F1

Fleuroselect has declared 2020 the Year of the Cucumber and Johnsons has introduced Silor F1 (£2.65 for 5 seeds). It produces an abundance of small, bitter-free fruits and is highly disease resistant.

Squash (Winter) Tahiti Melon. Picture; Johnsons
Squash (Winter) Tahiti Melon. Picture; Johnsons

Squash (Winter) Tahiti Melon

This unusual, large variety providing richly coloured and sweet-tasting flesh, a perfect variety for roasting, (£2.40 for 10 seeds).

Climbing French Bean Sunshine. Picture; Johnsons
Climbing French Bean Sunshine. Picture; Johnsons

Climbing French Bean Sunshine

A string-less yellow wax bean with delicious long pods and a crisp ‘snap’. Highly recommended for flavour and productivity, (£3.50 for 100 seeds).

Free seeds!

Johnsons is also offering 25 per cent more seed for no extra cost on some of the most popular vegetable seeds, including Basil Sweet and Radish Scarlet Globe.

Free growing advice

A new free A5 leaflet providing comprehensive growing advice for customers to take away is now available.

Covering germination, care after sowing and plant classification, this handy guide gives gardeners the help they need to grow with confidence.

The new Johnsons range is available now from garden retailers or online at www.johnsons-seeds.com.

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