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Solar-powered water pump pond fountain by Blagdon

Videos to see how easy the Liberty 200 pump is to install

A NEW eco-friendly mains-free, solar-powered, easy-to-install water pump designed to create a pond fountain has been launched by Blagdon.

The Liberty 200 has no running costs and is easy to set-up and to make it even easier, Blagdon has created a free online video guide.

Development manager Andrew Paxton said: “Our product pack has all you’d need to set up a pond fountain, including a float and anchor, and the four different fountain heads.

“The Liberty 200 pump uses a high-performance, long-lasting, solar rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and a high-powered 2.5w solar panel.

‘Don’t need mains power’

“This means you don’t need mains power and therefore you can site it anywhere you wish in your outdoor space and the only thing that will hold you back is your imagination!”

The film goes through what you’d need to create the fountain, how to set the pump up and attach it to the outlet adaptor, how to use the pump float and anchor the float.

Learn how to site the solar panel and use the flexible timer function, so you can set the fountain to come on for four hours within a 24-hour period.

The kit also has an LED ring, which lights up after dark, great for entertaining outdoors.

Copes with British weather

The pump was conceived, designed and tested in the UK and is fully compatible with British weather conditions.

The product’s solar and battery technology means there is no need to add mains power to an outdoor area to create a water feature.

Andrew added: “As well as using the Liberty 200 to create a water fountain in a pond, the other water features you can create with the pump include a pot water fountain using a plant pot or any suitable home-made receptacle and a sink and tap quirky water feature. We’ve created ‘how-to’ videos for these options too.

“The films for each of these different styles of water feature are designed to help inspire people and, also, to provide an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide for them to follow.”

What the Liberty 200 pack contains

  • Pump
  • LED light ring
  • 2.5w solar panel
  • Fountain float and anchor
  • Four fountain heads
  • Flow control valve and extension pipes
  • Fitting and mounts.

It retails at £69.99, for details visit www.blagdonwatergardening.co.uk.

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