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How to keep runner beans cropping

Keep picking for beans until the first frosts

It’s been a good year for runner beans – I chose Flavourstar from Johnsons, a white-flowering variety bred to set easily even in poor weather conditions.

I’d always recommend white-flowering runner beans – where I live in NE England, summers are ofter cooler and cloudy and red-flowering beans often don’t ‘set’ (form pods). This can also happen when there is a lack of pollinators.

Flavourstar runner beans growing up the black wall
Flavourstar runner beans growing up the black wall

The black-painted wall absorbs heat during the day, slowly letting it radiate out at night, keeping the area a few degrees warmer. We had a very early frost at the beginning of September, so the hard work in March paid dividends.

For more on runner beans see here. Enjoy the video!

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