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Tulip Zombie from Lubera: plant it on Halloween

Tulip Zombie. Picture; Lubera
Tulip Zombie. Picture; Lubera

Bury its corpse (well bulb) on All Hallow’s Eve!

If you’re looking for a gardening job to do around Halloween or want to give a gardener an appropriately spooky gift, look no further than the tulip Zombie from Lubera!

You can plant tulips from October to November, as long as there isn’t the tulip fire virus in your area. For more on tulips click here.

Zombie is a stunner, with red-rimmed, yellowy eyes with black centres and pale, ghostly pink petals.

She’s a Fosteriana tulip, growing to 20-40cm tall and flowering in April. The bulb size is 12/+ and plant 10cm deep, spacing 10cm apart.

A pack of 10 Zombie bulbs costs £3.90 and you can see the full range at www.lubera.co.uk.

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