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Coco & Coir peat-free gardening composts

Coco Grow+ 5kg brick with Perlite. Picture; Coco & Coir
Coco Grow+ 5kg brick with Perlite. Picture; Coco & Coir

Using coconut husks for a safer, greener world

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Need a sustainable, green alternative to peat? Try Coco & Coir’s growing mediums for professional horticulturists or hobby gardeners looking for an eco-friendly substitute.

Coco & Coir’s radical, sustainable secret formula uses that most simple of things – the husk of the humble coconut.

Coco Peat is completely sustainable and offers benefits including offering hygienic areas for animals to sleep and grow and nutritious bedding to mix with your soil to help plants and flowers flourish.

Coco Boost – Coco Coir with NPK

This natural coco coir brick increases the porosity of the potting mix, which helps to keep the soil loose and airy, aiding better root growth, resulting in higher yields.

NPK composition: 20% Nitrogen (NPK) for healthy foliage growth, 5% Phosphorous (P) for strong flower/fruit development, 5% Potassium (K) for overall plant vigour.

Put the compressed coco peat brick in a container, add warm water and let it sit until the water is absorbed, fluff it up and it’s ready to use.

Coco Grow brick. Picture; Coco & Coir
Coco Grow brick. Picture; Coco & Coir

Strong root growth

The organic compounds in Coco Peat can result in strong root growth compared with other plant food. It also offers some natural resistance to plant diseases.

The high water and nutrition holding capacity develop a strong and healthy root system, good air porosity, ideal for rooting cuttings and potting on seedlings (weight 5kg, size 30cm X 13cm X 30cm), RRP £9.99.

Natural Coco Peat makes a great bedding material for worm bins and reptiles and it increases worm growth by 25 per cent.

Choose from a range of products

There is also Coco Grow+ with Perlite, Coco Coir with Chip – Mulch and the original Coco Peat, RRP from £5.99 for a single brick of Coco Peat.

You can also buy bulk quantities and there is a great range of eco-friendly coir doormats on site with fantastic designs!

For more information visit https://cocoandcoir.com.

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