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Doctor Organics natural gardening products

Doctor Organics - just what your plants need!
Doctor Organics - just what your plants need!

Using the wonders of nature for healthy plants

Another range of eco-friendly products on show at Glee (Garden, Leisure, Equipment Exhibition) – not the TV show – the UK’s biggest garden and outdoor living trade show, showcasing new products for the gardening season to come.

Doctor Organics aim is to promote anything that can be considered organic or natural, starting in the garden.

They want gardeners to be an example to professional farmers and growers around the world and lead the way by feeding and treating plants naturally and organically.

By buying natural or organic products, you will be helping Doctor Organics to deliver their message of change to farmers and growers in three ways:

  1. If consumers develop the habit of using organic products and eating organic food, you force farmers and growers to change their ways.
  2. Doctor Organics aims to provide professional growers with the ability to buy commercial quantities of their organic growing aids in order to replace chemicals.
  3. Through the company’s profitability, Doctor Organics wants to educate people about everything organic and how it can help repair the land.

The company is also developing, with others, replacements for plastics and other non-bio-degradable products. Their packaging is recyclable but soon will be moving to all biodegradable materials.

New products for 2020

Doctor Organics Shelf Life Extension Spray

In trials, extended harvested fruits’ shelf life by up to 45 days – and its organic.

Doctor Organics Compost For Optimum Growth  

Abundant beneficial bacteria in naturally peat-free compost, filled with nutrients for the bacteria to work with.

Sharing the love. Picture; Doctor Organics
Sharing the love. Picture; Doctor Organics

Doctor Organics Tea

‘Tea’ bags include a compost activator, a rooting compound for cuttings or seeds and a nutritionally optimised feed. To encourage drainage the bag also contains a little bit of sharp sand.

Doctor Organics Granular Feed

For those who prefer solid to liquid feed, for rooting and overall feeding, for use indoors, outdoors or under glass.

Doctor Organics Plant Food

Liquid plant food that works in combination with other feeds and treatments for optimum nutrition. It works well alone and with Doctor Organics other products for an extra boost. For use outside or under glass.

Established favourite – Doctor Organics Plant Pills

These little pills contain everything that your plant needs nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), or NPK – just pop a pill in the soil near the roots of your indoor or outdoor plant and water.

The content of the pill is pro-biotic, so when the pill is activated with water, heat and light, good bacteria begins to grow, keeping your soil and compost healthy.

It can also be used as a rooting compound – split the pill over a piece of paper and dip the root or cutting into the powder and plant.

These are just a few things that the plant pill can be used for – a fact sheet is available by scanning the QR code on the packet. RRP is £3.99 for a packet of 50, www.organicfertilizer.info.

Other products include Doctor Organics Bio-Stimulant, Doctor Organics Grass Tonic and Soil Conditioner and Doctor Organics Plant Repair Potion and Resistance Enhancer Pest Control.

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