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Root Pouch fabric pots made of recycled plastic bottles

Items from the Root Pouch range. Picture; Root Pouch
Items from the Root Pouch range. Picture; Root Pouch

Another of the innovative companies I met at Glee in September, their fabric pots are made from recycled plastic water bottles.

These Root Pouch fabric pots look like they could solve a very suburban/urban gardening problem that I have – lack of space on a narrow windowsill.

I’m glad to say I’ll be trialling a selection next season by growing tomatoes in them!

Root Pouch is the only company in the world that makes pouches by recycling plastic water bottles and adding a textile weave to the finished fabric in its own factory.

This gives total flexibility when it comes to sizes, colours and requirements.

Balcony side bag. Picture; Root Pouch
Balcony side bag. Picture; Root Pouch

I can see what they mean – there is a huge selection of sizes, right up to tree size:

• 1 litre
• 2 litre
• 3.8 litre
• 8 litre
• 12 litre
• 16 litre
• 22 litre (with handle)
• 30 litre (with handle)
• 39 litre (with handle)
• 56 litre (with handle)
• 78 litre (with handle)

They’re often used for hydroponics but the pouches also come with there benefits:

• Prevents roots from circling by root pruning, unlike a traditional pot (naturally root prunes)
• Creates insulation from winter cold and/or summer heat
• Allows air and nutrients to pass freely through
• Decreases the risk of transplant shock
• Produces bigger yields and promotes vigorous root growth.

Depending on the type of fabric used, the pouches can last anything from one season to several before breaking down naturally.

The products divert vast amounts of plastic from the seas and landfills whilst being a superb growing medium.

For more details and stockists, visit www.growyourhydroponics.business. For information about the products, visit www.rootpouch.com.

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