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Envii launches new Water Butt Klear organic cleaner

Water Butt Klear. Picture; envii
Water Butt Klear. Picture; envii

Tackles stagnant sludge and smells and nourishes the water

Sick of having to clean out your water butt to get rid of the sludge, green water and smells due to stagnant water?

Envii Winter Pond Treatment – Winter Pond Treatment Reduces Sludge and Improves Water Clarity from Amazon

Now Envii is launching its latest innovative gardening product, Water Butt Klear, on Black Friday (November 29).

Gardeners no longer need to scrub their water butts or empty a quarter of the water out each month to keep it clean.

Water Butt Klear comes in a quick-dissolving, easy-to-use tablet form – just drop one into the water twice a month.

Organic formula

It’s 100 per cent organic formula treats water butt sludge, green water and odours, but also nourishes the water with plant strengthening ingredients.

Unestablished roots make young plants vulnerable to attack from disease and water shortages.

Water Butt Klear contains probiotics specifically designed to promote and support plant root strength to improve their intake of nutrients.

The results? Clean, healthy water, which doesn’t stink from being left stagnant throughout winter and gardeners who don’t need to hesitate to use their water butt water come spring.

Get Water Butt Klear FREE for a limited time!

Envii is set to launch the new product this Black Friday, as an inclusive gift with selected gardening bundle purchases at envii.co.uk.

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