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Vitax new products for 2020

Moss Remover. Picture; Vitax
Moss Remover, No Rake. Picture; Vitax

Five of the best to protect your garden

Unveiled at Glee earlier this year was this clutch of new products from Vitax…

Vitax Q4 Fertiliser from AmazonMoss Remover, No Rake (up to 110m2)

For a top-quality lawn without the effort. Turns dead moss into a lawn feed with beneficial bacteria meaning there is no need to rake. Feeds the lawn for up to 3 months, RRP £21.98.

Rose Guard Rose Tonic (500ml)

This concentrated rose tonic contains potassium phosphite for fast uptake of essential nutrients and strong healthy growth. Contains the trace element copper. It protects against mildew and black spot and seaweed to feed. Treats up to 40 plants, RRP £18.

Box Tree Moth Trap

Protects up to 200m² and will not harm beneficial insects. The trap is bird-friendly coming without glue and contains a 12-week dose of pheromone lure, RRP £22.99.

Liquid Q4 (1 litre)

Vitax Q4 Liquid All Purpose Plant Food is packed with organic nutrients to create bigger, brighter blooms and deliver bumper crops. It promotes good rooting to optimise nutrient uptake and contains seaweed, humates and trace elements. Use on indoor and outdoor plants, RRP £7.99.

Organic Rooting Gel

Made from natural plant extracts to help rooting and establish cuttings. It contains no synthetic growth hormones or fungicides. Helps retain moisture during the vital early stage after taking the cutting, suitable for soft, semi-hard or hardwood cuttings, RRP £3.59.

For more information on products, visit www.vitax.co.uk.

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