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Trio of new tomatoes from Burpee Europe

Tomato Honeycomb. Picture; Burpee Europe
Tomato Honeycomb. Picture; Burpee Europe

Sweetness and disease resistance combined

Burpee Europe, which develops new tasty, disease-resistant vegetables for use by home gardeners has three new tomato varieties available for 2020.

Tomato Honeycomb

This innovative tomato is already available to buy now from a selection of top seed companies. Honeycomb has a high Brix (sweetness) level combined with a superb aroma and a sweetness that lingers on your tongue, with the aftertaste of honey.

  • Golden orange variety.
  • Weighs on average 15 grams.
  • Cherry-sized fruit on long trusses.

Burpee Europe’s Simon Crawford said: “This variety has been chosen time and time again as the top of the tomato crop in our taste tests. Not only that, but we have seen much less ‘splitting’ with this type compared to other yellow tomatoes.”

Honeycomb is available from Just Seed, Nicky’s Nursery, Pennard Plants, Plants of Distinction, Moles Seeds Ltd, Simpson’s Seeds, Suttons Seeds and Sea Spring Seeds.

Tomato Consuelo. Picture; Burpee Europe
Tomato Consuelo. Picture; Burpee Europe

Tomato Consuelo

This new indeterminate (cordon) variety combines exceptional flavour with blight resistance.

Tomato Consuelo has large cherry-sized fruits and is suitable for growing outside as a staked or supported plant or in an unheated greenhouse.

Plants will produce ripe fruits in late July outside from a mid-April sowing and earlier crops can be achieved in a greenhouse or plastic tunnel. Cropping of fruit will continue until the first frost outside and into November under protection.

  • Large cherry-sized fruits
  •  Average weight 25g
  • Brix level of around 9 per cent, sweet but with a pleasing acid tang.
  • Good resistance to Fusarium, Verticillium and late blight.

Consuelo is available from Just Seed and Pennard Plants.

Tomato Veranda Red. Picture; Burpee Europe
Tomato Veranda Red. Picture; Burpee Europe

Tomato Veranda Red

This is a new development in compact bush tomatoes, launched on the Pennard Plants display at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show this year.

Veranda Red is ideal for smaller patio pots. Breeder Simon Crawford has been working on the concept since breeding Red Alert (1983) and Tumbler (1990).

Simon said: “This is a significant breakthrough in adding flavour to this class of dwarf bush tomatoes. I am pleased with the outcome and hope that gardeners will enjoy this variety during the coming years.”

  • Dwarf determinate bush with a very adaptable plant habit.
  • Suitable for growing in pots as small as 11cm but will also fill a 2 litre (16-17cm diameter) pot.
  • Crops from late July to early September if sown in mid-April.
  • Plants do not require staking or support if in a sheltered location.
  • Plants will produce between 50 and 75 cherry tomatoes per plant, weighing 15 grams each.
  • Good resistance to Fusarium, Verticillium and some resistance to late blight.

Veranda Red is available from Pennard Plants and Plants of Distinction.

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