Home Product review Product of the year: Bokashi Composter by Hozelock

Product of the year: Bokashi Composter by Hozelock

What goes into my Bokashi Composter
What goes into my Bokashi Composter

Changing everyone’s attitude to home waste and the environment…

In a year when the mainstream horticultural industry has turned its sights towards a greener future, choosing my Product of the Year should have been more difficult than ever.

However, it was easy, thanks to the Bokashi Composter by Hozelock. Why was it so successful? It changed the behaviour of the non-gardening members of my household, not just preaching to the converted (me).

It’s a kitchen composter, small enough to still on the bench with no unpleasant smells, as it’s airtight (I keep mine in the conservatory just outside the kitchen door).

Concentrated plant food from my Bokashi Composter
Concentrated plant food from my Bokashi Composter

All food waste can be fermented with the addition of Bokashi Bran before being turned into nutrient-rich compost when added to a traditional compost bin.

Bokashi bran, invented in Japan, is a combination of bran and effective microorganisms, which acts as an activator and composts all biological kitchen waste – vegetables, meat, fish and dairy – creating a fertiliser liquid in five days and compost in just 15-20 days.

Compost, plant food, drain and septic tank cleaner

It can then be added to a conventional compost heap, dug straight into the ground where it quickly breaks down or used to clean drains and septic tanks.

Bokashi Composter. Picture; Hozelock
Bokashi Composter. Picture; Hozelock

It is very easy to train the Luddites around you to add their kitchen waste into the composter, pack it down with the supplied tool, cover with a layer Bokashi bran and make sure the lid is put back on properly.

That’s all they need to do – you can use the concentrated liquid plant food and solid fermented compost as you see fit.

If a product can tap into the psyche of people who aren’t really thinking about the wider environment, then every home should have one!

The Hozelock Bokashi Composter retails at £54.99. For more details, visit www.hozelock.co.uk.

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