Home Vegetables Pepper Popti and cucumber Merlin seeds from Burpee Europe

Pepper Popti and cucumber Merlin seeds from Burpee Europe

Pepper Popti. Picture; Burpee Europe
Pepper Popti. Picture; Burpee Europe

Compact veg to grow in confined spaces…

With home gardeners wanting to use their patio or balcony space to grow their own veg, the Burpee Europe team has been working on breeding programmes to produce compact varieties.

Vegetables that are easy to grow with some resistance to diseases are important, especially to new gardeners.

Pepper Popti and Cucumber Merlin are the creme de la creme of modern breeding and are perfect for those who love to eat what they grow.

Pepper Popti

If you thought that you could not grow bell peppers in a container, think again, because for maximum yield in a minimum of space, Popti cannot be beaten.

This delightful compact plant produces about 10 fruits weighing 60–70g and measuring 6–8cm in length by 5cm in width.

The fruits ripen very early, turning from light-green to deep red, with thick, juicy flesh.

Cucumber Merlin. Picture; Burpee Europe
Cucumber Merlin. Picture; Burpee Europe

Cucumber Merlin

Cucumbers have a difficult reputation and most gardeners look for varieties that are easy to grow in our climate and also have some resistance to diseases.

Cucumber Merlin has good resistance to powdery mildew and some resistance to downy mildew and cucumber mosaic.

This midi type performs across a range of climates and produces a good yield of one or two delicious fruit at every node every few days.

Cucumber Merlin is available from Nicky’s Nursery, Pennard Plants, Plants of Distinction, Simpson’s Seeds and Suttons Seeds.

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