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New sweet potato and winter squash from Thompson & Morgan

Sweet Potato Tahiti. Picture; Thompson & Morgan
Sweet Potato Tahiti. Picture; Thompson & Morgan

Be the envy of the allotment with these novelties

Looking for something different in the vegetable plot this year? Try these ultra-healthy sweet potatoes and winter squash for a change to the norm!

Sweet Potato Edible and Ornamental Trio (Treasure Island Series)

These colourful and tasty sweet potatoes are high in antioxidants and are compact enough to grow in large patio pots.

They are perfect additions to sunny borders, too. The trio includes Tahiti, Tatakoto and Makatea.

Tender tuber, height 20cm. Harvest September-October. Full sun. 3 x 10.5cm potted plants £9.99, 6 for £17.99, www.thompson-morgan.com/p/sweet-potato-trio-treasure-island-series.

Winter Squash Potatoes Duo

This winter squash duo is low in carbs and high in fibre – and taste just like potatoes!

The orange skin introduction, Baked Potato, is a great alternative to ordinary baked spuds. Pale-skinned Mashed Potato has a fluffy mashed texture when baked.

Both varieties can also be roasted or used in soups for a low carb and calorie alternative to traditional potatoes.

Half-hardy annual, height 70cm. Harvest June-August. Full sun. 6 jumbo plug plants £9.99, www.thompson-morgan.com/p/squash-potatoes-duo-winter.

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